2019 Conference Proceedings

    ISA RMC 2019 Conference Proceedings
    Westminster, Colorado

    September 19, 2019 (Thursday)


    Dr. Whitney Cranshaw - "Historical Review of Urban Forest Health in the Front Range"

    Malcolm Jeffries - "Insurance for Sub-Contractors"

    Mark James - "Effective Resilience for Arborists and Trees"

    Josh Morin - "Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership"

    Caitlyn Polihan, Anne Beard, Doug Wildman and Lance Davisson - "ISA Updates"

    Dr. Whitney Cranshaw - "Guess Who Came to Dinner? - Diagnosing Insect Injury"

    Lance Davisson - "EAB"

    September 20, 2019 (Friday)


    Alison Serafin Steere - "Growing a Resilient Urban Forest Through a Strong Municipal Code"

    Ian Hannou, Donna Davis and Kyle Sylvester - "New Tools and Tech for Inventory and Management", "CO-TreeView EAB Cost Calculator Tool"

    Dana Karcher - "The Urban Forest Continuum: Five Steps to a Resilient Urban Forest"

    Malcolm Jeffries - "Workers Compensation"

    Ryan Bartlett - "Understanding Bee Diversity, Ecology, and the Impact of Arborists on Conservation"

    Josh Morin - "Colorado Tree Care Sector Partnership: Learning With and From Colorado Apprentices"