The arboriculture industry is rapidly growing and there is a significant amount of knowledge available for arborists to help them perform at the highest possible level. ISA Certifications help recognize qualified, knowledgeable tree care professionals in the industry.

    While earning a certification is voluntary for many arborists, proper certification is essential for any professional who needs to make it evident that they have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform all required tasks as an arborist. Becoming certified also exemplifies a high level of commitment to your profession and your community. An ISA Certified Arborist leads by example and understands the importance of continued education and how it helps to make the world be a better place, one tree at a time.

    The Value of an ISA Certification

    Attestation by the ISA lets consumers know that you have acquired vast knowledge about caring for and maintaining trees, which is supported by the recognized value and reputation of the ISA. In determining the content of the exam, individuals from around the world, who are considered to be subject matter experts, carries out a job task analysis, and then composes an exam that comprises the defined skills. ISA credentials reflect the professional skills sought by leaders from the public and private sectors, while searching for qualified persons for training, academia and governmental organizations.

    Benefits of Certification

    There are many benefits to earning an ISA certification.

    • Certification raises the esteem of the individual. Passing the exam gives affirmation to themselves and their peers in that they posses a thorough knowledge and dedication to arboriculture.

    • Certification is a tool to help employers in both training their personnel and selecting new employees.

    • Certification grants the public and government the ability to make an informed selection of services based on the knowledge and advanced training demonstrated by an ISA Certified individual.

    • Certifications can be considered a greater factor than price can when multiple individuals bid for the same job. If you want the job done right, prove you are right for the job.

    • The process of becoming ISA Certified and maintaining the designation gives incentives to the individual to grow and continually progress as a professional.

    • Being ISA Certified can lead to a rise in income and allow for new opportunities in professional advancement.

    • Certification is a tool used to set oneself apart from the competition and gain a competitive edge in today’s economy.

    Certification and TRAQ

    Certification information and an application form can be obtained by clicking here.  As with all Certification Examinations the application must be in the ISA office 12 working days prior to the Exam. ISA Certified Arborist computer based exam now available in Texas. To view computer based testing locations please choose the link below. In order to schedule a computer based exam, you MUST submit your application and/or retake form to ISA. The testing vendor will not allow you to schedule an exam directly through them. Computer based testing locations

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    ISA Career Path Pyramid

    Are you losing money? You might be if you do not have an ISA Certification Credential!

    Here is why:

    1. In a recent survey of 16,000 arborists, it was reported that arborists in the 20-40 age group had a significantly higher income if they were ISA Certified.

    2. The ISA Certified Arborist in now required in many municipal, state and federal contracts.

    3. Many developers and landscape architects write specifications requiring ISA Certified Arborists.

    4. Many commercial tree care companies, municipalities and utilities require either a ISA Certified Arborist or ISA Certified Tree Worker credential.

    5. ISA educates the general public through an extensive public relations program. The homeowner is beginning to demand ISA Certification for arborists who work on their trees.

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