2019 Rocky Mountain Arborist Advertising

    December 18, 2018 12:00 AM to December 07, 2019 12:00 AM
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    The ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter Board of Directors would like to extend an invitation to your company to become an Advertiser. Your company will be placed in front of over 800+ members in the rocky mountain region.

    The mission of the ISA RMC is to advance the professional practice of arboriculture in the Rocky Mountain Region. We welcome you to become a part of achieving our mission. 

    Ad Specifications:
    The preferred file formats for ad subimission is high resolution, 300 dpi or larger EPS or TIFF.

    Web Images:
    Images that are collected from web pages are low resolution (72dpi) and do not output cleanly for printing. These images are made for Web design and are not intended for printing purposes. Optimal resolution for offset printing is
    300dpi at size.

    Getting your job print ready:
    When supplying digital files to us, all files, source files, and fonts need to be included. These are the necessary components that the application file will need when sending to the imagesetter. A hard copy is also necessary to ensure what we output matches your layout.

    Scanned Images:
    Photos need to be 300dpi at finished size to get optimum results when printed. Images that are less than 300 dpi if scaled down can be used. Example: a 150dpi image scaled down to 50% of original size will output as a 300dpi image. The dpi is now doubled because it has been reduced in
    size and now meets the 300dpi criteria. Files that do not fall within this criteria may not meet the customers quality expectations. Line art (solids, black & white) usually will be scanned at a high 1200dpi resolution as line art. In Photoshop the file will be in Bitmap mode and should be saved as a TIFF. Images that are scanned at a lower resolution may show jagged
    edges and may not look as clean.

    Types of Images:
    Vector Images: are comprised of lines and curves and therefore, print crisp and clear no matter what size. Files built from Adobe Illustrator are vector images.

    Raster Images:
    Are not scalable to the same degree as vector images but can be edited in programs like Photoshop or other paint programs. Raster images are made by the arrangement of dots (pixels) of different color or tone value. When these images are scaled to large, you will begin to see the pixels and images become bitmapped in appearance.

    Ad sizes:
    Full page: 8.25" wide x 10.75" high
    1/2 page: 3.6424" wide x 9.7718" high
    Quarter page: 3.5" wide x 4.25" high


    Full Page (black & White) $600 $175
    Half Page ( Black & White) $400 $125
    Quarter Page (Black & White) $300 $100
    Full Page (4 Color Ptrocess) $800 $225
    Half Page (4 Color Process) $600 $175
    Quarter Page (4 Color Process) $500 $150

    Website homepage - business card ad
    *On average we receive 460 hits to the website each month. The optimal size for the images on your homepage is 2 x 3.5 inches

    Banner Ad Annually
    Homepage Slider (960 pixels x 300 pixels) $650
    Business Card Ad Annually
    1-10 Employees $120
    11+ Employees $250

    We sincerely hope that you will consider supporting the ISA RMC in 2019. If you have any questions, please contact the ISA RMC office at 720-977-7941 or [email protected]


    $800.00 Full Page - 4 Color Process (Annual)

    $225.00 Full Page - 4 Color Process (Single Issue)

    $650.00 Website Banner Ad

    $250.00 Web Ad - 11+ employees (Annual)

    $120.00 Web Ad - 1-10 employees (Annual)

    $100.00 Quarter Page - Black & White (Single Issue)

    $300.00 Quarter Page - Black & White (Annual)

    $150.00 Quarter Page - 4 Color Process (Single Issue)

    $500.00 Quarter Page - 4 Color Process (Annual)

    $125.00 Half Page - Black & White (Single Issue)

    $400.00 Half Page - Black & White (Annual)

    $175.00 Half Page - 4 Color Process (Single Issue)

    $600.00 Full Page - Black & White (Annual)

    $600.00 Half Page - 4 Color Process (Annual)