Competitor Information

    Competitor Information

    2019 Registration Information

    Climber Registration is now available! Competitors are limited to the first 55 climbers.

    If you have any questions about competitor registration, email [email protected].

    2018 Competitors

    Congratulations to all of our 2018 TCC Competitors. Thank you for participating.

    List of the 2018 TCC Competitors

    Event winners and overall rankings


    Competitors must reside within in Rocky Mountain Chapter boudaries for more than seven months out of the year. Prior to acceptance, competitors MUST be current International and Rocky Mountain Chapter members.

    Competitors will complete five preliminary events to qualify for the Masters' Challenge. The top compeitors from both the Men's and Women's divisions will compete in the Masters' for a chance to win the ArborMaster Grand prize package, the Chapter title, registration and travel to the NATCC and registration and travel to the ITCC. 

    Companies are limited to seven (7) competitors from each participating company. The TCC Committee reserves the right to include additional climbers by invitation, if there are positions vacant.


    The ISA RMC TCC will follow the most current available version of the International Tree Climbing Championship Rules. The ISA RMC TCC Committee is not responsible for providing ITCC Rules Books to competitors in advance. The rules are available in the ITCC website under Rules and Regulations. it is not the responsibility of all competitors to have read and understand the rules.

    The ISA RMC reserves the rights to make additional rules and rulings as well as modify any specific event to ensure the safety of competitors, volunteers, and the public.