Colorado Tree Coalition Scholarship


    The Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) provides scholarships to eligible members of the CTC to promote its mission of preserving, renewing and enhancing community forests.

    The Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) has a limited amount of funds to assist people with registering to attend conferences and workshops throughout the year.  Because of the limited dollars available it is required of all who request assistance to follow these guidelines:

    1. Must be an individual, family or patron CTC member in good standing. Memberships Available.
    2. Scholarship requests will be limited to a maximum of $300, and can only be applied to cover registration costs of the event.
    3. To request a scholarship submit the form below.  At a minimum the request should contain the name and location of the conference and what is hoped to be learned at the event, how it will be applied in your current position, and how it benefits the mission of the CTC.
    4. Requests will also be limited to one person per community/group/organization per workshop or conference. Many workshops and conferences now offer concurrent sessions and there is a value to sending more than one person.  However, the CTC will not be able to fund more than one person.
    5. Scholarship requests will be reviewed and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee of CTC.
    6. Those receiving scholarships will be required to supply an article or notes to be used in Tree Talk and/or placed on the CTC web site and/or in another electronic newsletter format so others can benefit from the workshop as well.

    The board of the CTC is committed to education and is seeking additional funds so the scholarship program can be expanded and more people throughout Colorado can benefit from the various educational opportunities available.