City Park - Fort Collins

    City Park

    CITY PARK – 1500 W Mulberry Street
    Acres: 85.18
    Audubon Certified

    City Park is our oldest Community Park. It is located along Mulberry Street between Shields Street and Taft Hill Road.


    • 1874 - John Sheldon purchased a large tract of land, west of the year-old town of Fort Collins, for a sheep ranch. Laborers excavate a large artificial lake (the pile of dug out material is now Fire Cracker Hill).

    • 1904 - "The Gentlemen's Riding and Driving Club" purchased land a mile west of town and developed it into a harness racetrack and rodeo ground called "Prospect Park".

    • June 1, 1907 - 62 acres purchased from the Sheldon Sheep Farm for a park west of town.

    • 1910-1911 - Professor B. O. Longyear lays out new park roads and landscaping.

    • January 3, 1912 - Professor L.D. Crain submits name for new park, at a park commission meeting, unanimously called "City Park". Summer---Woven wire fencing put up around the park and trees set out according to Longyear's plan.

    • April 1913 - Park commission purchased team of horses, wagon, harness, and other implements for upkeep as needed by the caretaker of City Park.

    • December 27, 1913 - 44 acre "Prospect Park" purchased for City Park addition (today it is part of City Park and part of the City Park Nine Golf Course.

    • 1919-1923 - City Park Center first constructed as bathing and dancing pavilion. The old nursery turned into a free Municipal Campground for 26 sites averaging 30x60 feet running parallel to Oak Street (where pottery studio, shelters, and tennis courts are today).

    • FireCracker Hill was once known as Knobb Hill.

    • City Park Lake is also known as Sheldon Lake.

    • Other parks that were "competitors" and are no longer in existence: Vecelius's Grove and Lindenmeier Lake Resort Park.