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ISA-RMC is Seeking Qualified Nominees from its membership for positions on the ISA-RMC Board for a General Membership Election


Deadline to Submit Nominations is June 1, 2017.


The structure of ISA-RMC's Board includes the president (1-year term), the president-elect (1-year term), vice president (4-year term, serving a 1-year term as VP, 1-year as president-elect and 1-year as president), treasurer (2-year term), 4 directors at-large (2-year term), 4 state directors (2-year term), and an ISA Representative (3-year term).

The purpose of this notice is to solicit nominations from the ISA-RMC membership to fill SIX Board positions that will end December 2017. An ISA-RMC member may nominate ANY member of ISA-RMC in good standing. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else as a candidate for the ISA-RMC Board of Directors, please complete the nomination form and return to The person you nominate must be a current member of ISA-RMC.

As a reminder, the criteria by which Board nominees will be considered are:

  1. ISA-RMC members in good standing.
  2. Individuals committed to ISA-RMC's mission and values, who think strategically, communicate effectively, understand the difference between governance and management, and follow the Board's rules of conduct, including its confidentiality and conflict of interest policies.
  3. Individuals who possess a variety of skill sets for governance as needed by boards in all types of organizations. The ISA-RMC Board has identified 1) strategic planning, 2) marketing, 3) business management and, 4) finance and accounting as skills the Board will need to add to the mix in the near term.

The three membership-elected directors whose terms are expiring are: Teddy Hildebrandt, Jr. (Vice President), Scott Grimes (Treasurer), Dana Coelho (Director At-Large), Dr. James Klett (ISA Representative), Bryan Suhr (NM) and Becky Wegner (CO).

Nominations are being accepted now thru June 1, 2017.

Thanks very much.


Kyle Sylvester, Chair
ISA-RMC Nominating Committee

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